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GTC is located in the vicinity of Georgia Tech and has developed a very close relationship with them. GTC has also partnered with several institutions of higher learning such as Penn State, Texas A & M, Purdue etc. and National Laboratories such as Oak Ridge and Sandia.

    GTC develops technology tools for Asset Management that can substantially reduce the maintenance cost and increase uptime. These tools can prevent failures in a variety of equipment and machinery like HVAC, Elevators, and Power Turbines etc. GTC also works with OEMs to make technology tools that can be embedded into the new equipment sold in the market.


GTC aims to be the prominent supplier of choice for the technology Asset Management government and industrial applications. Customization of the tools for cost efficiency and technological compatibility is our focus. Accurate assessments of the need analyzed by a dedicated, team of professionals, help catalyze the path to success.


"...I want to thank you for your assistance as an expert and particularly your development of a theory of liability as to how the incident occurred. I would be glad to recommend your services to others who have a need for your expertise..."
Jack Herskowitz
"...Thank you very much for your consulting work on our case. Your initial report was very helpful in determining the technical cause of this incident..."
Robert E. Pinker

career opportunity

GTC is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salary and benefits packages to entry-level and experienced employees working in a wide range of career areas. We provide a flexible work environment with challenging assignments in technology, marketing, operations, and finance

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